Friday, September 12, 2008

New Studio!

I am so excited! I have been working with hot glass (lampworking/flameworking) for about about 3.5 years now (December 25 will be 4) and working with stained glass for about 3 years before that. All of that time I have been working in the garage...a small one car garage that I share with the washer & dryer and my very understanding DH. Poor DH...his corner has gotten smaller and smaller over the years.

Well last week we decided that I should move into what was DH's office. He never really worked in there so it was becoming more of a storage room. It's not huge (10'8" X 9'8) but it is going to be big enough for me to work on my glass and jewelry. I wish I could explain how happy and excited I am about the move! I will have tons of storage, a window, heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer.... I AM SO HAPPY!

The plan is to move all of my art supplies into that room...the books, the crafts I am not currently working on (soap making, candle making, painting...this list is long!)...everything! I have always wanted all of my supplies in one area so I don't have to take over the dining room table, kitchen table and countertops...basically every empty flat surface. I can't wait to have my studio as well as having the rest of my house available again ;-)

We have been working really hard painting, applying Venetian Plaster to the walls, and planing the layout of the cabinets. Fingers crossed Friday 9/19 is move in day!!

Stay tuned...I plan to show you all pictures but I'm pooped tonight!

Did I mention how happy and EXCITED I am to be out of the garage!? ;-)