Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Round the room...wind up!

From time to time I'll update you with changes...unless you're sick of my room already! ;-) I have ordered a bottom up/top down shade for the window that should be here in about a week. Once I get that up I think I'll be hanging some of my Moroccan type lanterns from the ceiling. I also have a big metal star lantern that I want to hang somewhere.

For all you safety experts out there please be aware that I am working on a ventilation system that will be installed ASAP and I will be piping the propane through the wall. Don't worry!! I want to be working with glass and books for a very long time! :-)

Any thoughts? Do you see anything that you would change or add/subtract? I would love your opinions! Also, don't forget...send me a link to your studio! Please!!

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